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Cyb(H)er Sync is your platform to redefine what it looks like to be in cybersecurity!

It's for the unapologetic woman who doesn't ask for a seat; they instead bring the table and chairs for themselves and others.

It's not enough to just have certifications and degrees--you need a powerful network to support, amplify, and uplift you!

We're setting new rules and reaching new heights together...Are you ready to claim your space and make your impact?

As part of the Cyb(H)er Sync Community

Each month you get access to:


Learn actionable solutions and tools for personal growth.

Join our 90-minute mentorship sessions led by guest mentors. These sessions are crafted to enrich your professional journey and boost your confidence as you make your way through the cybersecurity world. Each session is recorded, giving you the flexibility to access our collective wisdom whenever you need it.



Develop confidence and achieve your goals.

Join founder Candace Williams for transformative 60-minute coaching sessions. This is your space to address career challenges and gain personalized advice that accelerates your progress, all within a nurturing group environment.



Connect with a curated community of like-minded professionals.

Become part of an exclusive community where you can connect with like-minded professionals, access job opportunities, and enjoy discounts on events, all within a supportive and empowering environment.



Enhance your skills and knowledge with practical hands-on tools.

Access discounted training programs, certifications, and internship opportunities tailored to enhance your expertise and practical experience, setting you apart in the cybersecurity field. 


Study for that next certification or position.

Get support in a focused + structured setting with our Study Crew. This collaborative group helps you prepare for exams and enhance your knowledge, ensuring you’re well-equipped for success.


Do the things that scare you to stand out among the crowd.

Enhance your skill set through engaging challenges, practice your interview skills in real-time, and utilize a rich collection of resources specifically curated to advance your cybersecurity career.


You’re just a few steps away from joining a community where CONNECTION, COLLABORATION and real conversations that add value are the standard! 
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I'm excited to welcome you into the Cyb(H)er Sync Membership Community!

Remember, you belong in cybersecurity, we're here to help you lead the way and take command of your career path.  This is where you belong, and we’re eager to see you shine. Join us today, and let’s move forward together, stronger and more connected than ever.

Hello & Welcome from Candace...
Cyb(H)er Sync


Join Us as a Founding Member of Cyb(H)er Sync Community! We are looking for passionate, driven women who are ready to make a mark in the cybersecurity world. As we build this community, we want to ensure it reflects the aspirations and diversity of its members. Apply today to become a founding member and help us shape a community that supports, empowers, and elevates women in cybersecurity. Applications are now open and will be considered on a rolling basis. Selected members will enjoy a lifetime discount of 50% on membership fees, as long as their membership remains active.
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What people are saying...


As a woman, it can be challenging to find successful female professionals in this field, but Ms. Candace gave me all the right tools to ensure my success. 

-Destiny Staton



-Steven Jackson


I would definitely recommend Candace Williams! Candace was very thorough and went step-by-step to make sure we went over everything necessary to keep organized and to stay on track. 

-Isis Larkin-Henley

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